The Value of Industry Vocations

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Career paths of previous workforce generations were often characterized by longevity. Whereby – “once a salesman, always a salesman” – was a common career expectation, working for the same company an entire career was often a common path.

However our current modes of life are subject to regular changes, such as with technology, communication, travel, and work-place environments. This era is one where changing jobs, even careers, within a lifetime is more common and probable. It’s for these reasons that the flexible yet long-term capabilities of industry careers are so incredibly and increasingly valuable.

Products of industry jobs are high impact, being equally and consistently important to the daily lives of individuals and communities. Industry jobs provide services that build and maintain our lifestyles, while providing career success for individuals and families.

An advantage with industry careers is there are many routes to training and success. There are two, four, and graduate degree pathways as is commonly used for STEM/STEAM. There are also internships, apprenticeships, certifications, and short-term training and education programs. Many program options then offer opportunities to move directly into jobs with exceptional starting salaries and room to grow. Some employer programs offer highly-qualified graduates and employees excellent hiring incentive benefit packages. For students who’ve ranked in the top of their training classes, packages may even offer financial assistance in paying back student loans.

So why choose an industry career? Because industry jobs provide wide-range and long-term opportunities. Like our lives, industry careers can evolve and grow, bringing people achievement and success.

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