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Nadia Riell

A public high school Career and Technology paraeducator, Nadia is also a writer and editor whose working philosophy centers on the idea that everyone loves a good story. She’s equally enthusiastic about reading, hearing, or telling them herself.

It is these quests for the stories in life that led Nadia to combine her Career and Tech education experience with writing and promoting these fields as industries. The promise is great and the future is bright!

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Kate Policani

I have a passion for story. Real or fiction, across genres, I write, read, watch, and listen to stories. Every story holds deeper meaning and lessons to learn. I write to expand ideas and connect readers to my stories and their deeper messages. Through my stories I explore the common themes of life and push the boundaries of my own perceptions. I would love to take my readers on a journey to explore life’s questions and find still more questions to ask.