It’s Admirable Being Green

Saturday April 22nd brings recognition for Earth Day and celebrating caring for our amazing planet! In support of this worthy day and being impactful every day, we’d like to promote companies making a difference in manufacturing, by making a difference in environmental practices. The Newsweek links below highlight companies making a difference in the world with positive environmental practices.

Interested in working for a company that supports being green? Interested in buying from companies that support being green? These companies may also make a difference for you too!

Top Green Companies as listed by Newsweek 2016

Top Green Companies- Newsweek

Top Green Companies Internationally- Newsweek


INDUSTRY INSIGHTS: Automotive Technology

Automotive Technology

Automakers are currently in the news, from industry advancements and company growth, to autonomous driving technology.

The auto industry is broadly developing and continually evolving in areas such as automotive design, automotive capabilities, and subsequently career opportunities. Especially now that so many modern car components are computerized, dealership service garages often look like state-of-the-art computer labs that also happen to house good old-fashioned tools.

All this to say there are varieties of career pathways in the automotive industry. Whether someone’s starting with a passion for cars, passion for engineering, or even the idea that having a box of tools could allow you to travel wherever you want with a job opportunity, automotive careers can fulfill many lifestyles.

Noting that experience and/or training always help bring in a top salary, listed below are a few of the top-tier U.S. Automotive Technology program schools.

Schools winning leading rankings among U.S. Automotive Technology programs as listed in the November 2016 ‘Tomorrow’s Tech’ magazine – a premier automotive student magazine published by Babcox Media.

School of the Year 2016:
Rankin Technical College, St. Louis MO
Automotive Training Center, Warminster, PA,
Southern Illinois University Automotive Technology, Carbondale, IL
Lake Area Technical Institute, Watertown, SD.

Additional Industry-Reputable Schools:
UTI (Universal Technical Institute), multiple locations
Lincoln Tech, multiple locations