From Street To Star Status: Iconic Cars of Film

Movies have genres, stars, and then there are cars. Some movies made cars famous, and other movies are made famous for their cars. Either way, Popular Mechanics magazine has offered up an A-List of contenders. My favorite is the Batmobile/Tumbler, but then I’m a superhero-kind of gal.

Follow the link below to enjoy the article, then maybe you’ll follow that up with a movie!

Iconic Cars of Film


Hidden Figures

In honoring Black-History Month along with our February introduction of, we’re spotlighting the box-office hit and Oscar-nominated film Hidden Figures. This true story about an African-American women workforce trailblazing the foundation of early NASA space programs is a must-see!

Hidden Figures revolves around the lives of three amazing women whose work advanced early space programs and exploration. Their stories celebrate human triumph, courage, extraordinary intelligence, and are perfect examples of the world-changing impact of those working in STEM industries.

Another powerful and inspiring element of this production was PepsiCo and 21st Century Fox teaming up to offer a scholarship contest for young women of STEM. The winning entries and videos as well as the official film trailer can be seen by following the links below. Congratulations to the contest winners!

Thank you to everyone involved in bringing the story of Hidden Figures to the public, and the greatest thank you of all to the pioneering women of NASA. Ladies, your work literally reached the stars!

Hidden Figures Scholarship Contest Winners