Thank you Forbes! Recognizing Top Two-Year Trade Schools in 2017

Welcome back to September publishing!

Earlier this year IF published an article focused on skills training education scholarships. Included in this article was mentioned television host Mike Rowe’s extensive involvement in nationally promoting skills training and education. It appears that management and staff members at publishing giant Forbes Magazine also took notice of the trade movement and followed Mr. Rowe’s lead.

For the first time in the publication’s history of listing top colleges, 2017 brings the first Forbes list of top 30 two-year trade schools. The link below will take you to an insightful and informative article along with the list itself, including information about each college and projected career salaries that can be earned.

Thank you to Forbes Magazine publishers and article contributor Mr. Carter Coudriet for the article.

An additional thank you goes out to everyone who is helping to promote the power of trade skills in our modern economy. American life and America’s students will be blessed!

Forbes Magazine Top 30 Two-Year Trade Schools


Industry Education Scholarships

Mike Rowe has made a name for himself doing dirty jobs for the hit television show Dirty Jobs, seen on the ever popular Discovery Channel. However, in the process his work also brought renewed awareness and promotion to industry related careers through public exposure and activism.

Mr. Rowe then expanded his efforts from promoting the world of industry to supporting industry training, creating his educational foundation the Mike Rowe Works Foundation. Through this foundation, students of industry based careers can apply for scholarships that range from covering tool purchasing to education tuition. In this endeavor Mr. Rowe is also collaborating with one of the largest and diverse of industry organizations- Skills USA.

With the arrival of May comes a look at industry related scholarship opportunities available from both these organizations. Although these scholarships are available specifically for Skills USA members, membership dues are very reasonable and benefits of membership are great!

Below are links to scholarship information from Skills USA and the Mike Rowe Works Foundation. Perhaps you’ll find an opportunity of interest for yourself or someone you know!

Skills USA membership and scholarships

The Mike Rowe Works Foundation

The Conversation on Training and Degrees

To degree or not degree, that is the question!

With some experience and/or the willingness to start in an entry-level position and work up in responsibility, it’s possible to bypass earning a university degree and still create a successful career. Of course there are some careers that by nature will always need a full university education. However there are also some that will not, and companies are starting to take a new look at what employee requirements truly lead to success for their business models.

For more about this conversation, follow the link below to an article on this subject that is truly part of The Conversation.

The Conversation on University Degrees