Winning Women in Automotive History

Even outside the auto world of NASCAR, race driver Danica Patrick has made a name for herself. Becoming the first women to finish in the top 5 of an Indianapolis 500 race, her career and cultural recognition has grown and expanded ever since. To date, amidst her driving and spokeswomen careers, Danica is also the first celebrity to appear in 14 Super Bowl commercials.

Along with Ms. Patrick however, there have been several trailblazing women creating firsts and garnering wins in the automotive industry. From Mary Anderson developing windshield wipers to Helene Rother designing glamourous auto interiors, history shows that women have always had what it takes to succeed in automotive industries.

To learn more about amazing women of automotive, visit the link below and read their stories as featured on

Winning Women in Automotive History

Additional Resources:

Feature Photo: Alice Huyler Ramsey- Smithsonian magazine, courtesy of Detroit Public Library

Danica Patrick’s website




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