Carl Benz (1844-1929)- Originator and Visionary of the Automobile and Mercedes-Benz.

While there have been and continue to be automotive visionaries from around the world, the forefather of automobile technology and design was Carl Benz.

Born in 1844 in Germany, Carl was a student of technology from a very young age. Through his studies he later came into focusing on his vision for a horseless carriage, garnering his first patent for the internal combustion engine in 1879.

Carl Benz assisted, designed, and produced several engines which eventually lead to the first production of a commercial automobile. This ground-breaking model was appropriately called the Benz Patent Motorwagen.  A further developed version of the Motorwagen was presented at the 1889 World Fair in Paris, France.

The most recognized of Carl’s visions grew from the very first Mercedes-Benz automobile, and has continued on in the manufacturing of some of the most highly-regarded automobiles of all time.

For more about the life and achievements of Carl Benz, click on the link below to a biography from the Carl Benz Academy website.

Carl Benz- Originator and Visionary of the Automobile and Mercedes-Benz


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